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Lombok is an island in the West NUsa Tenggara Province (Nusa Tenggara Barat) and its located between Bali and Sumbawa island in the eastern part of Indonesia. Mataram is the administrative capital and its the larger city on the island and has about 2.500.000 in habitants. The Population in Lombok is about 3 million, and majority 91% are Moslem. Hindus make up about 6% while Christians and Buddhist about 3%. Climate The climate is perfect with annual temperatures ranging between 21° C – 33° C. it has only two seasons dry and Wet, Dry season from May to October and Wet from November to April.

Lombok lies 8 degrees south of the equator and stretches some 80km east to west and about the same distance north to south. It is dominated by the second highest mountain in Indonesia, GUNUNG RINJANI, which soars to 3726m. It has a large caldera with a Crater Lake, Segara Anak, 600m below the rim, and a new volcanic cone which has formed in the center. Rinjani last erupted in 1994, and evidence of this can be seen in the fresh lava and yellow sulfur around the inner cone. Central Lombok, to the south of Rinjani, is similar to Bali with rich alluvial plains and fields irrigated by water flowing from the mountains. In the far south and east it is drier, with scrubby, barren hills. This area gets little rain and often has droughts which can last for months. In recent years, several dams have been built, so the abundant rain-fall of the wet season can be retained for irrigation throughout the year.

People and Religion

The native inhabitants of Lombok (West Nusa Tenggara) followed a belief in animism. The Sasak are indigenous people in Lombok. Numbering about two million, they are thought to be descendents of a hill tribe in northern India and Myanmar (Burma). After the 16th century, Islam separated from Java and crossed the kingdoms to the Islands of Lombok and Sumbawa. Nowadays almost 90% of Lombok people are Muslim. In the 17th century the Balinese came to the west coast of Lombok Island. Within several decades a kingdom was established, extending the territory of the kingdom of Karang Asem, East of Bali. The Hindu Religion began to settle up on that times. In the beginning of the 18th century, the Dutch colonized the eastern part of Indonesia, including lesser Sunda (Bali, Lombok across to Timor). Belonging to the Dutch administration of the are they promoted Christian missions.

How to Get There

By Flight from Bali around 30 Minutes 

By Fast Boat / Ferry around 1-hour 50Minutes


Gili Islands located just north off west coast and south west of Lombok, the three small islands (Trawangan, Meno and Gili Air) has rapidly become famous holiday destination of Bali and Lombok.

They are now easily accessible from Bali by charter boat which is provides by some of accommodation on the island as their services to the customers, or by short 20-minute flights from Bali and local boat from Lombok. All these islands feature superb, white sand beaches, crystal clear water, amazing colorful reefs, ton of colored fishes, and the best snorkelling and diving areas.

Visitors from all over the world are attracted to simple pleasures of sun, beautiful beaches, diving, snorkelling and socializing. The absences of car and motorbikes on the islands by local people living there its offer the cozy leisure and paradise holiday on the islands. Although now the wide range accommodation is available, the island has maintained the lazy rustic of charm of a tropical paradise.

The Gilis Islands are: 

Gili Trawangan : Welcome to the party island where the party is on every night and special party on the full moon. The most developed island between the other three small islands, place to stay is ranging from simple budget hotels or bungalow to luxury villas. You will not find any cars or motor bikes on island cause is prohibited by local living there. The only means public transport is Cidomo the horse cart.

Gili Meno : Gili Meno is the smallest of the three Gili island which located on the north coast Lombok. Special feature on the island is salt water lake and the spectacular dive site such as, Meno Wall, green sea turtle point, and blue coral point. A greatest escape for honeymooners or someone who wants to get away from all of it.

Gili Air : Gili Air is the closest island of the tree on the north corth coast of Lombok. The island of Gili Air is approximately 1.800 inhabitants, the most of densely populated from the three Gilis. The local in habitant is mix between Bugis and Sasak. The island offer total relax holiday in a comfort and quite setting of white sand beach, amazing sunrise and Lombok’s Gunung Rinjani view.Gili Nanggu: This small remote island is situated of of south west Lombok. This is an ideal place for snorkelling. Gili Nanggu is absolute water paradise with white sand and crystal turquoise clear water. Come here and experience the underwater world amongst thousands of tropical fish and various sea craterous. If you are lucky you may even see some sea turtles.

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